Список научных публикаций сотрудников кафедры в 2019 году (фамилии авторов А - К)

Автор(ы) СПбПУ Авторский коллектив Название статьи Ссылка Индекс Scopus
1 Андреева Т.А., Быков Н.Ю., Лукин А.Я Андреева Т.А., Белянкин А.Б., Беркович А.Е., Быков Н.Ю., Козырев С.В., Лукин А.Я. Тепловая абляция биологической ткани под действием ультразвука высокой интенсивности. Семинар вузов по теплофизике и энергетике Материалы XI Всероссийской научной конференции с международным участием. 2019. С. 26-27. Scientific Conference “Thermophysics and Power  
2 Andreeva T.A., Bykov N Y, Lukin A.Y. Andreeva T A, Berkovich A E, Bykov N Y, Kozyrev S V, Lukin A Y Heating and destruction of biological tissue by high-inensity focused ultrasound Mater. Phys. Mech.42 625–36
3 Babaeva M.A. Babaeva M.A. Online course (MOOC) “concepts of Modern Natural Science” on the National Platform of Open Education: Experience in teaching students Journal of Physics: Conference Series vol 1348
4 Bagraev N.T. Fursey G N, Polyakov M A, Bagraev N T, Zakirov I I, Nashchekin A V and Bocharov V N Low-Threshold Field Emission from Carbon Structures J. Surf. Investig.13 814–24
5 Bagraev N.T. Fomin M A, Chernev A L, Klyachkin L E, Malyarenko A M and Bagraev N T Terahertz Response from Oligonucleotides Deposited on Silicon Nanostructures International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves, IRMMW-THz vol 2019-Sept
6 Baranov P.G. V.A. Soltamov, C. Kasper, A.V. Poshakinskiy, A.N. Anisimov, E.N. Mokhov, A. Sperlich, S.A. Tarasenko, P.G. Baranov, G.V. Astakhov & V. Dyakonov Excitation and coherent control of spin qudit modes in silicon carbide at room temperature NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 10, p.1-8, 2019
7 Buzykin A.G., Kuzmichev V.V. A. A. Basalaev, A.G. Buzykin, V.V.Kuz'michev, M.N.Panov and O.V.Smirnov Interaction of thermally evaporated dipeptides with keV-energy alpha-particles Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 1400(2019) 033017 doi: 10.1088/ 1742-6596/ 1400/3/ 03301
8 Веневцев И.Д., П.А. Родный И.Д. Веневцев, П.А. Родный, А.Э. Муслимов, В.М. Каневский, В.А. Бабаев, А.М. Исмаилов Рентгенолюминесценция толстых пленок оксида цинка Оптика и спектроскопия, 2019, Т. 127, вып. 6. С. 981-985
9 Venevtsev I D, Rodnyi P A Venevtsev I D, Rodnyi P A, Gorokhova E I, Chizhov A S and Gaskov A M Improvement of the scintillating properties of ZnO ceramics by the precipitation of initial powder 2019 J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 1236 012017
10 Venevtsev I D, Rodnyi P A Khanin V M, Vrubel I, Polozkov R G, Shelykh I A, Venevtsev I D, Meijerink A, Wieczorek H, Boerekamp J, Spoor S, Rodnyi P A, Ronda C Modeling and Assessment of Afterglow Decay Curves from Thermally Stimulated Luminescence of Complex Garnets J. Phys. Chem. A123 1894–1903
11 Venevtsev I D, Rodnyi P A, Tukhvatulina T, Chernenko K Khanin V M, Vrubel I I, Polozkov R G, Venevtsev I D, Rodnyi P A, Tukhvatulina T, Chernenko K, Drozdowski W, Witkowski M E, Makowski M, Shelykh I A, Meijerink A Complex Garnets: Microscopic Parameters Characterizing Afterglow J. Phys. Chem. C123 22725–34
12 Venevtsev I, Chernenko K, Rodnyi P Khanin V, Venevtsev I, Chernenko K, Rodnyi P, van Swieten T, Spoor S, Boerekamp J, Wieczorek H, Vrubel I, Meijerink A, Ronda С Variation of the conduction band edge of (Lu,Gd) 3 (Ga,Al) 5 O 12?:Ce garnets studied by thermally stimulated luminescence J. Lumin. 211 48–53
13 Vorobyeva T.V. Melker A.I., Vorobyeva T.V., Zarafutdinov R.M. Modeling fullerene growth by fusion reactions of cupola half-fullerenes: ?N=16 series. Materials Physics and Mechanics, №39, vol.1, 2019, p. 43-48.
14 Gelgor T Gelgor A, Gelgor T New Pulse Shapes for Partial Response Signaling to Outperform Faster-than-Nyquist Signaling Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Photonics, EExPolytech 2019 pp 144–8
15 Gerchikov L G, Ipatov A N Goray L I, Pirogov E V, Nikitina E V, Ubyivovk E V, Gerchikov L G, Ipatov A N, Dashkov A S, Sobolev M S, Ilkiv I V, Bouravlev A D Photoluminescence and Transmission Electron Microscopy Methods for Characterization of Super-Multiperiod A3B5 Quantum Well Structures Semiconductors53 1914–7
16 Gerchikov L. Guillemin R., Gerchikov L., Sheinerman S., Zmerli M., Marin T., Journel L., Travnikova O., Marchenko T., Lassalle-Kaiser B., Piancastelli M.N., Simon M. Photoelectron- Auger- electron angular-momentum transfer in core-ionized Ar: Beyond the standard post-collision-interaction model Physical Review A 99 (6), 063409
17 Gorbenko D A Gorbenko I V, Kachorovsky V Y, Shur M S Plasmonic polarization-sensitive detector of terahertz radiation J. Phys. Conf. Ser.1236 012029
18 Gorbenko D A Gorbenko D A, Belashov A V, Belyaeva T N, Kornilova E S, Semenova I V, Vasyutinskii O S Quantification of changes in cellular morphology during cell necrosis obtained from 3D refractive index distributions J. Phys. Conf. Ser.1236 012015
19 Gorobei N N, Luk'yanenko A S Gorobei N N, Luk'yanenko A S Thermomechanics of Deformations in an Anharmonic Solid Body Phys. Solid State v.61 №4 p.p.650–653
20 Иванов В.К. Федорова Е.В., Иванов В.К. Проекты по физике в элективном курсе информатики Физика в системе современного образования (ФССО 2019). Сборник научных трудов XV Международной конференции, Санкт-Петербург, 3 - 6 июня 2019 г. Изд. РГПУ им. А.И.Герцена 2019. Том 2. С. 261 - 264  
21 Иванов В.К. Иванов В.К. Релятивистские инварианты в курсе общей физики Физика в системе современного образования (ФССО 2019). Сборник научных трудов XV Международной конференции, Санкт-Петербург, 3 - 6 июня 2019 г. Изд. РГПУ им. А.И.Герцена 2019. Том 1. С. 73 - 77  
22 Ivanov V.K. A.V. Pavlov, A.V. Korol, V.K. Ivanov and A.V. Solov'yov Interplay and specific features of radiation mechanisms of electrons and positrons in crystalline undulators Journal of Physics B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 52 (2019) 11LT01
23 Kozhevnikov V A, Privalov V E Kozhevnikov V A, Privalov V E, Shemanin V G Effective Mode Volume Evolution in the He-Ne Laser Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Photonics, EExPolytech 2019 pp 272–4
24 Kozhevnikov V A, Privalov V E Kozhevnikov V A, Privalov V E and Shemanin V G Gas laser energy characteristics with different active element cross section geometry 2019 J. Phys. Conf. Ser
25 Kozhevnikov V A, Privalov V E Kozhevnikov V A, Privalov V E, Shemanin V G Upgrade the Evaluation of the Contribution of the Active Element Cross Section Geometry to the He-Ne Laser Energy Characteristics Opt. Mem. Neural Networks (Information Opt.28 215–21
26 Kozhevnikov, V.A., Privalov, V.E. Kozhevnikov, V.A., Privalov, V.E. VInvestigations of Nonconventional Cross Sections of Gas-Discharge Lasers Russian Physics Journal. 61 (10), pp. 1861–1867
27 Kozlovski V V Lebedev A A, Kozlovski V V, Levinshtein M E, Ivanov P A, Strel'chuk A M, Zubov A V and Fursin L Effect of high energy (15 MeV) proton irradiation on vertical power 4H-SiC MOSFETs Semicond. Sci. Technol. 34 (2019) 045004 doi.org/ 10.1088/ 1361-6641/ ab0590
28 Kozlovski V.V. Lebedev A.A., Nikitina I.P., Seredova N.V., Poletaev N.K., Lebedev S.P., Kozlovski V.V., Zubov A.V. A Study of the Influence Exerted by Structural Defects on Photoluminescence Spectra in n-3C-SiC Technical Physics Letters, 2019, Vol. 45, No. 6, pp. 557–559. DOI: 10.1134/ S1063785 019060117
29 Kozlovski V.V. Korolkov O., Kozlovski V.V., Lebedev A.A., Toompuu J., Sleptsuk N., Rang T. Change in the parameters of electron-irradiated 4H-SIC schottky diodes as a function of the time during low-temperature isothermal annealing Materials Science Forum. 2019. Vol. 963, pp 734-737 doi: 10.4028/ www.scientific.net/ MSF.963.734
30 Kozlovski V.V. Lebedev A.A., Davydovskaya K.S., Kozlovski V.V., Korolkov O., Sleptsuk N., Toompuu J Dependence of the carrier removal rate in 4H-SIC PN structures on irradiation temperature Materials Science Forum. 2019. Vol. 963, pp 730-733 doi: 10.4028/ www.scientific.net/ MSF.963.730
31 Kozlovski V.V. Kalinina E., Lebedev A., Kozlovski V., Zabrodski V., Strel'chuk A., Nikitina I. Electrophysical and optical properties of 4H-SIC UV detectors irradiated with electrons Materials Science Forum. 2019. Vol. 963, pp 722-725 doi: 10.4028/ www.scientific.net/ MSF.963.722
32 Kozlovski V.V. Makarenko L.F., Lastovski S.B., Yakushevich H.S., Gaubas E., Pavlov J., Kozlovski V.V., Moll M., Pintilie I. Formation of a Bistable Interstitial Complex in Irradiated p-Type Silicon Phys. Status Solidi A 2019. V.216/ Issue 17. P.1900354 DOI: 10.1002/ pssa. 201900354
33 Kozlovski V.V. Korolkov O.M., Kozlovski V.V., Lebedev A.A., Sleptsuk N., Toompuu J., Rang T. Low-Temperature Annealing of Lightly Doped n-4H-SiC Layers after Irradiation with Fast Electrons Semiconductors, 2019, Vol. 53, No. 7, pp. 975–978. DOI: 10.1134/ S1063782 619070133
34 Kozlovski V.V. A.A. Lebedev, G.A. Oganesyan, V.V. Kozlovski, I.A. Eliseyev, P.V. Bulat Radiation Defects in Heterostructures 3C-SiC/4H-SiC Crystals 2019, v.9, pp.115-120 doi: 10.3390/ cryst9020115
35 Kozlovski V.V., Vasil'ev A. E. V. V. Kozlovski, A. E. Vasil'ev, K. S. Davidovskaya, A. A. Lebedev Role of the Carbon Sublattice in n-SiС Conductivity Compensation Journal of Surface Investigation: X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques, 2018, Vol. 13, No.1, pp. 140-145. DOI: 10.1134/ S1027451 019010270
36 Kozlovski V V Dobrov V A, Kozlovski V V, Mescheryakov A V, Usychenko V G, Chernova A S, Shabunina E I and Shmidt N M Effect of Electron Irradiation with an Energy of 0.9 MeV on the I–V Characteristics and Low-Frequency Noise in 4H–SiC pin Diodes Semiconductors, 2019, Vol. 53, No. 4, pp. 545–551. DOI: 10.1134/ S1063782 619040080
37 Krupina M A Melker A I, Krupina M A, Zarafutdinov R M Periodic system of fullerenes: The column of three-fold symmetry Nonlinear Phenom. Complex Syst.22 383–94
38 Kuz'michev V.V. Basalaev A.A., Kuz'michev V.V., Panov M.N., Smirnov O.V. Capture and Dissociative Capture of a Single Electron in the Process of Interaction of Doubly Charged Ions with CO Molecules Technical Physics Журнал технической физики, 2019, том 89, вып. 8, 1164-1169 DOI: 10.21883/ JTF. 2019.08. 47886.53-18