Список научных публикаций сотрудников кафедры в 2020 году

Автор(ы) СПбПУ Авторский коллектив Название статьи Ссылка Индекс
1 Apushkinskiy E.G. Apushkinskaya D.E., Apushkinskiy E.G. 2020 Prediction of echo from noise signals by means of nonlinear transform of signal spectra Springer Proceedings in Complexity pp 29-36  
2 Gorobey N., Lukyanenko A. Gorobey N., Lukyanenko A., Shavrin A. 2020 "stationary" Schrodinger equation in quantum cosmology Int. J. Mod. Phys. A35  
3 Kozlovski V. V. V. V. Kozlovski, O. Korolkov , K. S. Davidovskaya , A. A. Lebedev , M. E. Levinshtein , N. Slepchuk , A. M. Strelchuk , J. Toompuu Influence of the Proton Irradiation Temperature on the Characteristics of High-Power High-Voltage Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes Technical Physics Letters, 2020, Vol. 46, No. 3, pp. 287-289  
4 Kozlovski V.V. Emtsev V.V., Abrosimov N.V., Kozlovski V.V., Oganesyan G.A. and Poloskin D.S. 2020 Vacancy-Phosphorus Complexes in Electron-Irradiated Floating-Zone n-Type Silicon: New Points in Annealing Studies Semiconductors54 46-54  
5 Privalov V.E. Privalov V.E., Shemanin V.G. 2020 Error Estimate for Lidar Measurements of Concentration during Probing of Atmospheric Mixtures of Hydrogen Sulfide and Methane Molecules Meas. Tech.